Vi ønsker velkommen til Norsk Spaniel Klub’s avdeling Telemark sin utstilling 17.03.24

12 Feb, 2024


Vi ønsker velkommen til Norsk Spaniel Klub’s avdeling Telemark sin utstilling 17.03.24 
Vår dommer er Jane Eyeington som skal dømme spanielrasene. Utstillingen vil finne sted inne i en varm og god hall, det er gode parkeringsmuligheter nært hallen. 
Her er litt info om dommeren vår:
Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)
«For nearly 30 years, with my husband Steve, we have had both the working and show gundogs. Our breeds have been Labradors, German Shorthaired Pointers, & English Springer Spaniels
We were granted the affix ‘Meadowdale’ (Our kennel name) in February 1995
To date, we have ‘made up’ a FULL champion German Shorthaired. My main breed for showing is the English Springer Spaniel. To date there have been 11 ‘UK’ show champion dogs to carry the Meadowdale affix, and 4 Irish Show Champions, along with many other awards such as JW, ShCM, CC’s and RCC’s
I was delighted to have achieved ‘Top Breeder’ 2013 & 2014 and ‘Top Brood’ for 2013, 2014 & 2016 for the English Springer Spaniel. Previously also having been awarded numerous ‘Top Puppy’ awards.
A thrilling moment for me was in 2014, to have won ‘Best of Breed’ at Crufts. Then in 2015 to have ‘made up’ the first Black/White & Tan dog for 20 years in the breed
We now have the ‘breed record holder’ for the top Black/White & Tan English Springer Spaniel
I have had the pleasure of judging overseas, in Australia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Ireland.
I am fortunate to have been passed to award CC’s in 23 gundogs, including the group, and 4 Terrier breeds
I am very much looking forward to judging the Spaniel Club of Norway show in 2024
Vi ønsker alle hjertelig velkommen